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About CCI Akwa Ibom

With a mandate to enlist, disciple and redeploy a people in Christ, for Christ and with Joy, CCI Uyo which was birthed in January 15, 2023 is an expression of Celebration Church Global; to reach more people with the message of the Gospel, ignite fervor for the things of God and make known the ultimate plan of God, which is salvation to ALL men (Young and Old).

Under the leadership of our Resident Pastor, Pastor Emmanuel Olaniran, we are a community of believers fervent in Spirit, yielded to the Word, sharing moments in fellowship, being equipped with the Word, and experiencing progress & joy in the Faith.

Since inception, we have recorded tremendous growth, testimonies of changed lives and desires, diverse creative miracles and have raised a people consumed with the zeal of God’s kingdom.

Celebration Church Uyo isn’t just a local assembly, but a FAMILY. We are a people of Love, Endless Joy and Contagious Fervor.

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09::00 am


Venue: EEMJM HOTELS AND SUITES, 47 Dominic Utuk Avenue, Uyo Akwa Ibom State.

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